Marketing Internet Business

Marketing Internet Business


The most important thing in network marketing is not the compensation plan or the product. It is finding a right mentor. A mentor who is willing to see you through your success and guide you all the way.

Now then, some people would ask what or who is a mentor I should search for? Well, to put it simply, a mentor has to be someone who has achieved what you wish to achieve. It cannot be someone with no knowledge on attaining the place where you want to be.

A good mentor should possess the following qualities or skills and anyone who believes they have them should promote them to future downlines.

(1) Firstly, we SHOULD NOT join a network Marketing Internet Business just because someone is our friend. A lot of people make this mistake by joining a network Marketing Internet Business company just to please their friends and do not move the business. Thus, the impression that network marketing does not work or that we are just trying to cheat people we know. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself and your mentor before venturing into any network marketing company

Is your mentor willing to spend time with you and guide you to do what exactly they are doing?

Does your mentor find out why you want to have a residual income, rather than always speaking about themselves? A right mentor is someone who finds out what your need for money is. Is it because you wish to spend time with your family which you have been neglecting? Or perhaps it is a need as you were poor when you were young and you wish for your family to live a more comfortable life?

Are there already people sponsored by your prospective mentor who are receiving the right attention they should towards their success? Or are they being neglected? Speak to them and ask about your mentor. A great benefit about building a network Marketing Internet Business is that you are able to search the web for your mentor. For example, if a certain network marketing program is a scam or has helped tons of people to succeed. You are most likely to find videos of such information on YouTube, or you can search the blogs for comments on these mentors.

(2) Next up, very importantly, does he/she have a prepared training program where you can start taking action immediately the day you join?

Your mentor should have a scheduled training program for which he/she can train you on certain skills in network marketing. These skills come in the form of 3-way phone call prospecting, making presentations, and even building a network marketing internet business. Also, you need to ask if these trainings are held weekly where future prospects get trained? Are you able to schedule one on one trainings with your prospective mentor?

There are many other skills such as social interactions which is a very important in network marketing. Are there scripts for you to practice when making calls to prospects? or even scripts for instant messages which you can send to your prospects online?

You should also ask your mentor if he / she has resources for you to gather knowledge and motivation from. These come in the form of online audio, videos and even books or e-books. This is crucial as it shows how much interest someone has towards the business. A person with a core desire to succeed in this business would find ways to improve their skills through gaining knowledge such as DVDs or eve books.

(3) Lastly, is the system which your mentor set out SIMPLE?

Many network marketers make a mistake by overloading their prospects with hordes of information during their presentation. This scares the prospect as the thought of doing the same thing may seem tough. Imagine trying to memorize complicated compensation plans to explain to them!

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