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Pay per click, pay per click is the fastest way to get seen and talked about online. Google and Facebook have so much control. If you don’t pay, they won’t play.  When you pay well, you win. I was a big believer in SEO until the fall of 2012 when Google release the final update that changed SEO as we know it.  SEO used to be all you needed. Search engine optimization is still needed. Now we also have to pay to play.
Just like the music industry.

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Relevant, engaging content, is the stuff that dreams are made of. Facebook, Google, CNN and many other multi billion dollar companies have been built on it. Relevant and engaging content is still King and always will be. Relevant, engaging content and online ads are the one, two knock out punch that delivers the prize.

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Shaun Canon

I went from a stagnant 35,000 followers, with posts getting no more than 10 responses (likes, shares and comments, combined) to 183,000 followers and thousands of responses per post. My post this morning got over 1000 responses in a few hours, which is something I never thought possible. They helped me discover new and effective strategies for really cornering this market. I’m the #1 trending musician in the world because of these strategies!”  (http://www.facebook.com/shauncanonmusic)

Amy Copeland

In just 2 short weeks I am now up to 12k Facebook likes! As a marketer and social media fanatic I have tried method upon method to increase my social following. Until now, i have never been able to get this type of result at such a low cost.  These methods are the best I’ve seen and i am more excited about social media than ever before!

John Cunningham

I added 1,600 new likes on my first day with John Cunningham. Was planning to merge my first page – John C – with this, but Facebook does not see it as similar – so not an option.

Joel Baumgartener

Update: Rejuv Medical’s Orthopedic Fan Page has increased 300+ Likes in just two days.  To get those kind of results we used to run very expensive contests. Thanks! Vision: 100K Likes Club in two months.

PJ Van Hulle

OMG,  Looks like FB has approved my first ad, and I posted a cute picture today that has gained me my highest “virality” score ever. I also picked up about 20 more likes somehow even though no one has clicked on my ad yet. Thanks again for the incredible training! ♥

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