Internet and Network Marketing

Internet and Network Marketing


Network marketing and the Internet and Network Marketing have created unparalleled advantages over other offline network marketing techniques. The days of Tuesday and Thursday night rah rah meetings, cold calling, & 3 to 10 foot rules are dead.

Since the marriage between Internet and Network Marketing, building a business online has never been this easy. The simplicity in which your Internet presence can be seen is remarkable. Just think of cold calling how at one time that was the main marketing resource for network marketers for many many years. What replaced that was websites and auto responders.

What about those house meetings?

Having meetings in your house or renting a holiday inn, just to have a mass influence venue was not very cheap to say the least. Now a days you have webinars that can host 1,000 people in a session. That is absolute complete leverage…

Absolutely No hunting people down, simply send an email to your list with the information on when it starts. Prospects don’t have to leave their houses to get the content. A computer or simply any device to that effect that has access to the Internet & their good to go

Must think how hard it was to train people back in the B.I ages (Before Internet) the ability to train people through webinars as well as auto responders has made training your potential downline pretty much effortless.

Internet and Network Marketing today has evolved even from a few years back. As long as technology evolves so will network marketing and Internet business overall.

So completely utilizing all the modern marvels will literally explode your business. Just think for a moment.. Imagine a year from now about all the people just realizing that the internet is where they need to be.


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