What is Internet Marketing?

What is Internet Marketing?


The simple definition of What is Internet Marketing (often called “online marketing” or “web-marketing”) is selling products or services over the internet.

Online marketing is often performed as part of an offline business. Most people will be familiar with stores and mail order companies who have their range of goods on a website as well as in paper catalogues.

Internet marketing is also carried on by companies (and individuals acting as sole trader) as a completely web-based concern. They have no business premises to speak of; an internet business can be run from a small office or even from home, so overheads are very low.

Two important components What is Internet Marketing are websites and email; the following is a brief outline of how each of these is used in online business.

Sales websites

This is probably the best known form of internet marketing. A company (or an individual) sets up a website to give their customers the opportunity of buying their goods or services online. The customer visits the website, places an order, pays online and the goods are delivered. The whole transaction takes place electronically without the customer even having to leave home to make the purchase.

Informational websites

Most businesses nowadays have a website even if it is a single page affair setting out hours of business and other useful company information.

There is another type of informational website used What is Internet Marketing. This type of informational website is one that is set up for the purpose of earning the owner revenue from advertising displayed on the website. These websites might be thought of as being akin to the classified pages of a newspaper.

Email marketing

A company (or sole trader) will use email as the medium for contacting prospective customers with notification of special offers etc. When you deal with a company, you will usually be asked if you would like to receive communications regarding further offers which might be of interest to you. Companies very often also ask if you would be agreeable to receiving similar notices from their associates. In the past, the communications would be sent in the form of sales letters or brochures in the mail.

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