What Is Online Marketing

What Is Online Marketing


What Is Online Marketing? Online marketing is very simply employing the use of the Internet to market your products and/or services to the infinite number of people who surf online everyday around the world. What Is Online Marketing is one of the most powerful tools for any business once you know how to use it properly so the people who are looking for what you have to offer can actually find your products or services online. When you learn the art of doing so, you have unleashed the power of the Internet and your business profits can soar.

What is interesting about this topic is there are a lot of people marketing products and services online that may not even realize they are doing so. Real estate is a good example. The multiple listing services around the country feed their listings into other websites that allow consumers to search and locate properties. Real estate listings entered once into an MLS system are now available on countless websites for a potential buyer to view. Some people market online very simply by posting on free websites like Craigslist.com, scepter.com, forrentbyowner.com, local newspaper websites and many others depending on what you are attempting to market.

For others, What Is Online Marketing means learning how to start and build a business online using the Internet versus conventional means of a brick and mortar business. The reason most people choose to market online is because there is leverage that can be achieved online. What I mean by leverage is just the other day I ordered a custom leather braided dog leash online. I chose the two leather colors, the enclosure, the finish of the enclosure, and the length of the leash. All of these purchasing decisions were made by ordering through a website and placing the order with my credit card. The person who owns that website now has made a sale through the use of the Internet without having human interaction with the buyer. That is the power of the Internet.


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